About@dinner in July & August

    The staying plan is 2 ways of the next.
             Plan 1: staying + breakfast   6900 yen
             Plan 2: staying + dinner & breakfast   8640 yen
we cannot accept plan 2 in July and August.
             We would like an order for plan 1 to all of you in July and August

   But, .we can offer the light meal.(It takes a rate separately about 900yen).
The order for light meal needs a reservation (until 3 days before a reservation day).
You can eat a light meal from 18:30 to 20:00.


  1. –kŠC“ΉŽYŒ{“χ‚ΜƒJƒŒ[ŽΟž‚έ

©The order needs a reservation.
  2. γ•x—Η–μŽY“Ψƒ[ƒX‚Μ“Ψ˜₯

.©The order needs a reservation.
3. γ•x—Η–μŽY‚Μ“Ψ“χ’cŽq“ό‚θ



.The order needs a reservation.¨


 360ml 950‰~
620ml 1600‰~

350ml 350‰~
500ml 450‰~


@@η‘γ“cƒtƒ@[ƒ€i‹“χj @@”N’†–³‹x@@ƒfƒBƒi[—\ŽZ@980‰~`

@@@@@@ƒAƒXƒyƒ‹ƒWƒ…iƒtƒŒƒ“ƒ`j @@@@7ŒŽE8ŒŽ–³‹x@@ƒfƒBƒi[—\ŽZ@3600‰~~


There is a restaurant around Biei Station.
As for the detailed contents, please see ”ό‰l’¬ŠΟŒυ‹¦‰οHP